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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Floyd's Ipod Pics

Yes, Floyd who used this congaline to get his ipod has provided me with some pics of his freeipod got he got.

Floyd Wrote:

"I would like to Thank this congablog that helped me get my free ipod. Everyone try it it works, sure its a small congaline, but the more people come and join the faster you will get your freeipod. Keep Rockin'"

Here are the pics

Friday, December 03, 2004

Floyd got his free ipod

Yes Floyd has just e-mail sayin that he got the freeipod from, Good job floyd. Now since the current refferal hasnt posted his progress i am goin have to revamp this place. I need to be more strict with progress. I need to know what is your current position, how many have signed and things like that. Please if you plan to use this blog as a way to help you get your freeipod, follow the rules or your refferal link will not be used. Ill post the pics of floyds ipod once he sends them to me.