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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Floyd's Ipod Pics

Yes, Floyd who used this congaline to get his ipod has provided me with some pics of his freeipod got he got.

Floyd Wrote:

"I would like to Thank this congablog that helped me get my free ipod. Everyone try it it works, sure its a small congaline, but the more people come and join the faster you will get your freeipod. Keep Rockin'"

Here are the pics

Friday, December 03, 2004

Floyd got his free ipod

Yes Floyd has just e-mail sayin that he got the freeipod from, Good job floyd. Now since the current refferal hasnt posted his progress i am goin have to revamp this place. I need to be more strict with progress. I need to know what is your current position, how many have signed and things like that. Please if you plan to use this blog as a way to help you get your freeipod, follow the rules or your refferal link will not be used. Ill post the pics of floyds ipod once he sends them to me.


Sunday, October 24, 2004


New Refferal Oct 18

Check out this awesome page

Update 9
Oct 24

Floyd has told me that he is in Sent to Vendor process Click here for pic. So hopefully he will be getting his freeipod soon. For those of you who's refferal is the top post your progress in the comments page so that we can know your progress. If not then you will be deleted.


New Refferal Oct 18
Now its time to pass the torch, here is the new refferal, go out and help this lad out


New Sections ComIng Soon!

Since I just found out from various people that gratis has other sites like and other companies has popped up as well,Im going to start making sections for them in this blog. Im going to call this blog FreeStuffBlog (or something like that). Each section will be for that specfic congaline. Check back soon for more details....


Friday, September 17, 2004


Oct 18

I can finally say that my free ipod is currently in processing status. I cant wait to get it, ill post pics when i get the ipod, keep posted here for more.


Oct 7
Update 7

Finally after some time i got 4 people to sign and do the offers. Now i just need one more. I think freeipods is having a slow down for some reason, because a friend of mine sign up and did a offer, they said they will credit him instantly and its been 3 days, they havent. Once im done finally after 3 weeks, i believe, someone else will get the top refferal. Sorry for the delay folks.


Tues Sept 28
Update 6

I still need 2 more poeople to complete the the free ipods. So lets get rollin people and let
others give a try.

Sun Sept 19
Update 5

Here are the following people that have compelted their offers

In no particular order

If you have signed up and compelted a offer it will take a couple of days or more for me to see it. According to gratis site it will take 15 days or so. I doubt that usually it will take shorter, but depends on what offer you did. When I do see more ill post it here. Only 2 more left until iM done then ill pass the torch to the next person.

Update 4

So far I have gotten 3 people to compelte the offers. Only need 2 more. So come on down and lets get other people a chance to get thier free ipods.


Saturday September 18

Update 3

Hey all Im Floyd im the first referral on top. So far 2 people have completed the offers they are:

Need 3 more to go. I gotten more people to sign but havent completed their offers. Please if you can lets move. :)


Update 2

I added Floyd to be able to contirbute (the one who is on the referral) to be able post his progress on his referrals in the free ipods. He will post how many has compelted and who is left for everyone to know who is next in the line.

1. Kelly
2. Lizabond

So far hopefully soon we get more people to get his conga movin, its not a conga is there not a big line. :-)


I deleted this post by mistake so if you couldnt reach it for the last few mins it was because of my careless clicking :-). Anyway I posted again and add the comments for those that posted before I did that. Everything is back. Now help this guy and lets start conga.

Free Ipod Conga

I already gotten my ipod I bought one. But I wanted to help others with this ipod conga line. Read the following rules in order to get your referral here.

In an effort to help others get free iPods I am willing to start and maintain a "conga line" of referrals. This will be a great way for you to earn your way to a free iPod or iPod Mini!

The Rules
1) Visit my ipod blog to see the current featured referral to sign up with. Claiming to sign up with someone on the conga line and not the current featured referral will NOT get you on the conga.

2) Click the link for the featured referral.

3) Sign up with the freeiPods service to get your account to receive referrals

4) IMPORTANT: complete an offer with one of the freeiPods' sponsors. You will not help the other person or make yourself eligible for a free iPod unless you sign up for an offer. Don't use any fake information. The advertising company verifies your information; if something doesn't check, your signup is invalidated. Don't worry about being charged; read the next step.

5) Once your freeiPods account verifies you signed up for one of the offers, CANCEL the offer you signed up with. You will still receive the credit for signing up, which makes you eligible for the free iPod!

6) Once your account is verified and you completed an offer, post a comment in the featured referral entry, found above this bulletin. You MUST include the following:
- The name of the user whose referral link you signed up with
- Your referral link.
- Fill in your username in the 'name' section.
- Put a VALID email I can use to contact you for referral verification.

7) Wait. Your link will be shown on the conga line in order of your signup comment being posted.

8) If you are the featured referral and have received 5 verified referrals, please post a comment to remove yourself from the list so the next needy person can be shown in the spotlight.